Since 1979 Technical Brain has been dedicated to research and development of audio equipments as well as high quality audio repair and maintenance services.

With our expertise in audio gained from many years of experience, we launched our innovative audio system TB-Zero series in 2005 and have won great critical acclaim in Japan and beyond.

TB-Zero series is designed to be thoroughly faithful to sources.
Our ultimate goal is to recreate a sense of occasion in real music making.

Technical Brain launched a family of emitter resistance-less amplifiers in 2002.
(JP Patent No. 4284102)

In order to achieve true linearity and high-speed response, we made emitter resistance-less circuits which had zero-ohm emitter resistors and eliminated all contacts starting with the relays of the protection circuit, both of which affected sound quality a lot.
In addition, we derived power cables directly from a large size Flat Wire power transformer with large EI-core (20kg).
These innovative technologies affecting the sound quality attracted attention and attained a reputation as amplifiers of good sound quality.
Recently, several manufacturers have launched some amplifiers imitating our concept.
This must be the proof that our creative challenges have been appreciated.
It is our great delight that many people share and use our patented technology and ideas to improve their sound quality.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for a lot of music lovers who bought our products after listening and audio specialized magazines which awarded a number of prizes to Technical Brain since the amplifier's launch in 2002, despite Technical Brain was an unknown amplifier maker.
Technical Brain will continue to make new evolution for further innovation. I hope you will look forward to this.

Naoto Kurosawa, Technical Brain Ltd.

Repair & Maintenance Division

A lot of people including audio enthusiasts, audio shops and even audio critics have endorsed our advanced maintenance technology that we have cultivated through repairing many high-end audio equipments for over 30 years since our establishment in 1979.
We will provide you with the best technology to keep your beloved audio equipments at their best, based on the "One Step Ahead of Maintenance" which will allow you to use your equipments with security until 5 years or even 10 years after our maintenance. Please feel free to contact us about maintenance regardless of make

Measures Against Power Supply Noise 
The power-supply environment is becoming worse and worse, due to the prevalence of digital devices, fluorescent lights and LED lamps. A lot of famous music halls, broadcast stations, recording studios and so on use noise cut transformers efficiently, which eliminate power supply noise that affect sound quality significantly and provide the purest power source without any maintenance. We offer noise cut transformers with a wide range of applications ranging from large capacit
y to home use.

Consultation For Audio & Visual Measuring 
First, we listen for your displeasure and the way you want about your listening room. Then we will measure frequency and reverberation characteristics, etc. of it with measuring instruments. According to the measured values and our great deal of experience, we will find out problems including vibration issues and room acoustics and tell you how to treat them clearly and precisely. We can give you counsel about all kinds of matters in audio equipments from measuring instruments to methods. We will provide you with the best technology to keep your listening room at its best. Please feel free to contact us about maintenance regardless of makers.

10 November 2017

Our TBC-Zero / EX2 and TBP-Zero / EX2 were exhibited at the AVD booth at MHES 2017 Moscow which was held from 10th to 12th November 2017 and it was popular.
AVD is an official distributor in Lithuania and Russia.

13 August 2017

Upedate News page and placed a awards received.

13 August 2017

Upedate News page and placed a awards received.

06 May 2015

TB-Zero/int EX was placed in the audio system magazine "Stereo Sound" of Japan.

02 March 2015

Technicalbrain will participate in The Show Newport 2015 to be held on May 29th to 31th.

01 March 2015

Editors' Choice Awards in March issue of The Absolute Sound chose The Zero series amplifier of Technicalbrain (TBC-ZeroEX, TBP-ZeroEX, TEQ-ZeroEX).

July 2012

- Technical Brain USA is established soon. ---Contact Us

April 2011

- The Technical Brain products are now available in Australia and New Zealand.
We are pleased to announce that we have appointed ZenSati Australia as our exclusive dealer
in Australia and New Zealand.

- Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound lists the Technical Brain monoblocks
as his one of the 10 most significant amplifiers of all time.

January 2011

Naoto Kurosawa received the Grand Prix at the Stereo Stereo awards ceremony.

Takahito Miura of Stereo Sound on TBP-Zero EX (Winter 2011).
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