July 2012

 - Technical Brain USA is established soon.   ---Contact Us

 April 2011

 - The Technical Brain products are now available in Australia and New Zealand.
 We are pleased to announce that we have appointed ZenSati Australia as our exclusive dealer
 in Australia and New Zealand.

 - Jonathan Valin of The Absolute Sound lists the Technical Brain monoblocks
 as his one of the 10 most significant amplifiers of all time.


 January 2011

 Naoto Kurosawa received the Grand Prix at the Stereo Stereo awards ceremony.
 Left: Isao Yanagisawa of Stereo Sound; Right: Naoto Kurosawa
 Takahito Miura of Stereo Sound on TBP-Zero EX (Winter 2011).

 December 2010

 The TBP-Zero EX: monaural power amplifier has won
the Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2010
 from Japan's most prestigious audio magazine Stereo Sound.
 Comments by the Stereo Sound Selection Committee [pdf]

 November 2010

 The TB-Zero EX series is now available.
 Higher resolution bass and S/N than ever before

 October 2010

 Robert Harley of TAS on TBP-Zero/2 and TBC-Zero

 Stereo Sound (Autumn 2010) review on TBP-Zero/2 and TBC-Zero